Questions You Can Ask

Here are short versions of questions you can ask any candidate anywhere. Keep this page open on your device whenever you are at an event or meet a candidate! If possible, record or video your question and the response; post it (use #howtobepresident on your social media, share to our Facebook page) and/or
e-mail us about it so we can share it as well!

Also, e-mail us any question like this you have come up with or a great way of asking one, so we can add it to this list!

What is the place in America most different from your home base/comfort zone where you have spent significant time?

What do you do to keep integrity in the face of compromise, failure, and moral ambiguity?

How do you work with or do business with someone who makes your blood boil?

How are you thinking about holding the unique power of life and death around the world that a president has?

How do you deal with vulnerability, failure, and partial success while still maintaining the ego to be leader of the free world?

In any negotiation, one holds back something about one’s true position. How do you do that without becoming a dishonest person?

What habits or planned ways do you have for stepping back, recentering and refreshing yourself?

What is an example of a failure you had to decide either to accept, to learn from, or to bounce back from?

What is something in the past ten years – an experience, a person you met, something you read – that has changed your whole new perspective on something?

When a group in our country has been hurt and there is the need for apology and reconciliation, how would you lead us in a way that moves us forward? What is a specific example when you have done that?

What is an important issue that you want to know more about than you currently do?